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Convert your Video-8 tapes to a digital file!


Video-8 is also known as High-8/Hi8 and 8mm tape.


USB Conversion:

Converting to a USB is ideal for playing on a laptop, computer, TV (with USB ports) and other USB supported devices. The video file can also be easily shared with your family and friends.

A 32GB USB or drive storage is required. This can be provided for a low $12 or you can send one with your tapes. View provided USB here.

Most tapes will fit onto a single USB. Additional copies with custom requests are also available.


DVD Conversion:

Converting to DVD is ideal for if you have any kind of DVD (DVD-R) player, which connects and plays on a TV or computer. One DVD will be needed for each tape. However it may be more difficult to copy and share them with friends, so if you'd like to share DVDs you can order additional custom copies here.

Video-8 to USB/DVD


    Order Directly

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    7 days a week.

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